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What is forum

The Forum of Associations working on Human Rights Education and Peace was formally established in Vitoria-Gasteiz on March 29, 2007 as a nonprofit association whose mission is to contribute to the consolidation of a culture of peace and Human Rights promotion. Since then we have worked hard in three directions: social organizations, public institutions and society.

Our objetives

* We work to promote the relationship and exchange between the entities from the forum, so they can generate synergies that strengthen and enhance existing resources and initiatives. * We provide advice, consultation and constructive criticism to the initiatives promoted by the institutions in human rights education and peace area, and collaborate actively in the construction,development and monitoring of the same, as well as identifying needs and priorities in this area. * We develop an informative work to publicize and disseminate human rights education as basic asset to improve the connivance in our society


Human dignity

  • From the promotion and defense of human rights
  • The rejection of all human rights violations
  • Active solidarity with people who suffer these violations.

Culture of Peace

  • From the promotion of education and nonviolence as engines of personal and social change.
  • Promoting connivance based on diversity; respect and dialogue in relationships.


  • Sharing knowledge, experiences and resources.
  • The joint construction and creative with transforming vocation
  • Complementarity and active collaboration to achieve the objectives of the Forum.

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